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          KLD-B Portable Oil Particle Counter

          Product Type: KLD-B
          logo: Beijing Hangfeng
          Manufacturer: Beijing Hangfeng


          KLD-B portable laser oil contaminant detector, detecting & analyzing the size, quantity and distribution of solid particles in the oil. Based on the measurement, it analyzes and displays the oil contamination situation in different standards (e.g NAS1638, ISO4406) so as to help the operator be aware of the potential risks and avoid any wear of components. It can be widely applied to various kinds of oil, such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, gearbox oil, insulating oil (transformer oil), etc.

          It integrates industrial computer, touch screen with data stored and analyzed, ram pump, printer, lithium battery, compact instrument case that cannot break when heavy truck passing over. It supports sample test and on-line test.


          1. Supporting sample test and online test.

          2.Industrial PC built-in, system upgradable, 320G storage.

          3.6.5’’ touch screen, easy operation.

          4.Bilingual languages, friendly interface.
          5.Thermal printer installed to print instant and historical data directly.

          6.7 standards of contamination degree: ISO4406, NAS1638, SAE4059E, SAE749D, roct17216, etc.

          7.Mini printer built in, able to print real-time test result and historical data.

          8.Portable, compact, small size, light weight.

          9.Solid suitcase, bearing heavy truck passing over without break.

          10.Lithium battery installed for outdoor work.



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