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          ( 1天津大學精密測試技術及儀器國家重點實驗室, 天津 300072;  2北京航峰科偉裝備技術股份有限公司,北京,100141)


          關鍵詞:油液污染度;在線連續檢測;傳感器設計; FARIMA模型;隨機過程譜分析

          Research of method and sensor for on-line hydraulic oil

          contamination detection

          SUN Yan-shan1,2  DENG Ke2

          (1 Tianjin University, State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instrument, Tianjin 300072;2 BEIJING HANG FENG KE WEI EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD,BEIJING,100141

          Abstract: The purpose of this research is to get the solution of technical problem when execute complex environmental in-line hydraulic oil contamination detection which are mainly cause by flow change quickly and randomly and the distribution of particles is also change randomly. A new type of sensor is designed by using the FARIMA model and random processes spectrum analysis method which can realize the recognition and compensation of flow information and change of the distribution about particles in oil. It is proved that it can solve relative impediment which has better repeatability precision by comparing the results of test conducted by customers and third-party lab. This new type of sensor has already been used in many large–scale industrial and mining enterprises as production, which can be an important method to improve the effect to maintain large equipment initiatively and provide reliable technical ensure to lubrication audit.

          Keywords: Oil contamination; on-line detection; FARIMA model;random processes spectrum analysis; sensor designation






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